Staging The Property

Staging is important to help potential buyers picture themselves living in the space. You cannot always leave this up to someone’s imagination. Staging can go a long way in helping to sell your house faster.

Staging a home gives your buyers a way to see how a room can be configured to accommodate furniture and how much will fit in a space. They will be able to see the room as a “living thing” instead of an empty shell.

Here are some goals that you should have when staging a house:

  • Stage the outside to increase curb appeal. You can do this by planting flowers or furnishing decks. You want to make someone want to go in when they see the house.
  • Make sure that both the inside and outside of the house are spotless. Power wash the outside if necessary!
  • Get rid of clutter on counters and inside cabinets, drawers, and closets. Everything should look spacious. Having overflowing counters and storage spaces will make the house look smaller than it is.
  • Hire professional stagers to furnish rooms that might be challenging because of size or shape.
  • If you have a dining room table, set it up beautifully and tastefully.
  • Make sure that furniture is arranged symmetrically and not pushed against the walls.
  • Use neutral colors that all work together.
  • Always stage the master bedroom so your buyer can imagine themselves living in luxury.
  • Use extra rooms for offices, gyms, etc. Highlight the room’s multiple functions.
  • Show how to use awkward spaces, like a nook or alcove, in imaginative ways
  • Make sure that the house smells good.

Some of these goals might seem obvious, but they are often neglected. Good and effective staging can be the difference between selling quickly or not at all.

Most house flippers do not have furniture to properly stage a house, so they will need to hire a professional stager to do it for them. The more unique the property is, the more staging will help it. It will help buyers understand how the house can look.

Staging is generally done for an initial flat rate and then a monthly rental amount. Prices often vary, so it is impossible to predict the exact cost. It’s wise to assume at least a few thousand dollars.

Depending on the house’s size, it might not be necessary to stage every room. A house flipper should consider certain rooms with unique spaces because the functionality may not be initially obvious to buyers. For the best results, the master bedroom, living room, and dining rooms should be staged for best sales results.

DIY staging tips:

  • Amplify the upgrades you invested in order to boost first impressions.
  • Decorate with modest touches and neutral colors.
  • Always have the property ready to be shown.

Even if you don’t want to spend money on a professional stager, try to borrow or rent a few good pieces of furniture to highlight certain rooms. You can also spruce up bathrooms with curtains, towels and a shower curtain for a small investment. This can make a huge difference in how it appears.

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