How to Choose a Real Estate Partner

right realtorWhen looking to purchase, sell, rent or even to get out of a home with a mortgage that is more than the home is worth, it is critical to choose the right real estate partner. While the right partner will guide you through the process and ensure your needs are met, not using a real estate agent or using the wrong one, could have negative consequences. By interviewing potential agents, ensuring you are staying in close communication, letting them provide consultation and checking on their marketing methods you can be sure you are making the best decision.

The Interview

Buying a home is the largest purchase of most people’s lives, and as such, it is important to be familiar with the agent handling the transaction. First make sure the agent is an expert in the areas you are considering purchasing, selling or renting in. For those looking to do a more complex deal, such as a short sale, you will want to make sure the agent is a specialist and consults you, as a trusted advisor.

Communication Methods

In the digital age, all people have their own preferred methods of communication. While some prefer text or e-mail, some will still prefer phone calls and others still will demand business be completed face-to-face. In the fast moving world of real estate, it is important that the selected agent not only be able to communicate in the method of your choosing, but that they be available 24/7 to ensure no deals are missed.

Consultative Approach

Even the most seasoned of home buyers often have questions during negotiations, home inspections and while wading through the piles of paperwork that come with real estate transaction. It is important to meet with a real estate agent who is willing to help educate and prepare you for your rental, home purchase or sale of your home. It is also crucial that your agent understands your needs, wants and works to find them within your predetermined budget.

Home Marketing

Take a look around your Real Estate agent’s website, social media and other outlets to see how they are currently marketing homes. After your research is complete, it will be crucial to ask your potential real estate agent what they are doing to market homes in your desired neighborhood. While smart phone advertising may work best for a high rise in Miami, a rural home in a small town may be best marketed in a completely different way. By choosing a real estate partner familiar with your choice neighborhoods, you will have a leg up on the competition when it comes to selling your home. By carefully selecting the right real estate partner you will be able to get what you want, within your budget, without errors and make your transaction more quickly.
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