Foreclosure or Shortsale

Facing Foreclosure or Shortsale? We Can Help!

If you are facing foreclosure or shortsale (Simply put, this means selling your house for less than the amount due to the mortgage holder), there are many ways that we can help.

It sounds scary but our team of experts can help you through each and every step… with some outstanding benefits too!

• ZERO Upfront Costs

• ZERO Legal Fees – We pay them, not you!

• ZERO Negotiation Fees – Again, we pay them

• ZERO Commission!

• ZERO Closing Fees!

• ZERO Fine Print!

Our team can actually help you stay in your home for several more months during the process.  The worst things to do is wait.  The best thing to do is to contact one of the specialists on the Stanley Rosen Group today.

 Our Shortsale & Foreclosure Specialists

Call Tami Caci-Amaro when facing a foreclosure or shortsale       Call Mike Coulson when facing a foreclosure or shortsale


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