Whether you are selling your home, or looking to purchase a new residence, with The Stanley Rosen Real Estate Group you are receiving the benefit of working with a team of smart, educated, professional realtors dedicated to exemplary customer service. In the words of Broker/Associate Stanley Rosen, “What I love most about being a real estate agent, is that it’s not about selling the customer a home, it’s about providing a service.”

What are the services provided by Stanley Rosen Real Estate Group? Not only are you working with the top team at Keyes Realty for several years running, but you also have the benefit of many exceptional amenities, such as complimentary yard signs, a professionally designed personalized portfolio booklet of your property that is given to prospective buyers during showings, individualized private showings by the only people that know your property as well as you do, The Stanley Rosen Real Estate Group, ads for Open Houses in the major local newspapers and branding ads in local magazines, a detailed online listing of your home on bestofsouthflorida.net, Realtor.com, Keyes.com, and many other online realty outlets, Stanley Rosen Group “special touch” Open Houses at your discretion, 24/7/365 Real Estate Concierge at your service taking your calls and the calls from your potential buyers, your choice of a complimentary home inspection or appraisal, and when your home sells, we’ve got you covered with complimentary moving boxes! What more could you ask for? Now that’s customer service!

At Stanley Rosen Real Estate they know that the seller, and the buyer, have a choice when selecting a realtor, and they want to ensure that you choose them for the right reasons. Stanley Rosen states, “Choosing the Stanley Rosen Real Estate team is really a choice built on the service we provide.” Stanley realizes it is all about the customer service his team provides, adding “I just feel that if I provide great service, and I help the client to the fullest, I’m going to be the one for him, and for everybody else he refers me to.”

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